GA4 on WordPress

Quick Setup of GA4 on WordPress, With or Without a Plugin

Contents 1. Add GA4 to WordPress 2. Advantages of GA4 for WordPress 3. How to Set up GA4 Correctly on Your WordPress Site 4. FAQ's Setting up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on your WordPress website is a breeze, whether you choose to use a plugin or do it manually. With a plugin, you can quickly […]

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Google My Business

How to use Google My Business to rank better on Google Maps

Contents 1. Claim and Verify Your Business Listing 2. Optimise Your Business Information 3. Craft an Engaging Business Description 4. Select the Right Categories 5. Upload High-Quality Photos 6. Encourage Customer Reviews 7. Regularly Update Posts 8. Utilise Google Questions & Answers 9. Monitor and Respond to Messages 10. Track Your GMB Insights 11. Conclusion […]

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Google AdWords

What’s Google AdWords and How Can It Boost My Business?

Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Google AdWords? 3. What are the Benefits of Google Ads? 4. Does Google Ads Work? 5. Getting Started with Google Ads 6. How does AdWords benefit ecommerce businesses? 7. Conclusion Introduction Ever heard of Google Ads? It’s like a tool for businesses. Imagine you want more people to visit […]

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Google Ads Strategy

Increase Your Online Visibility with Google Ads Strategy

Contents 1. Google Ads Strategy 2. How to Create a Successful Campaign with Google Ads? 3 Best Practices to Help You Create a Successful Google Ads Campaign 4. Conclusion 5. FAQs Google Ads Strategy In today’s digital age, online visibility is crucial for businesses striving to reach a wider audience and boost their sales. Google […]

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google ads management

Google Ads can drive your business to success

Contents 1 What are Google Ads? 2 How can Google Ads Put Your Business on the Track to Success? 3 Top Business Benefits 4 What are the types? 5 Conclusion Running a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. There are multiple complications when it comes down to the success of your business. These […]

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5 Google Ads Strategies to Double Your CTR and Improve ROI

Contents 1. Top 5 Strategies to Double Your CTR and Improve ROI! 1.1. How to find keyword ideas 1.2. Keep the special offer in the headline 1.3. Simplicity is the key to Google Ads 1.4. Find high-performing ads and automate them 1.5. Appeal to the emotions of the audience 2. Additional Tips and Tricks to […]

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