Generate LinkedIn leads is one of the best professional platforms, with over 600 million profiles worldwide. Millions of people use it to search or recruit for jobs. However, this exceptional social networking platform can do much more than just offer jobs. LinkedIn is an excellent source for developing business connections and discovering leads. 

As per a survey by Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in generating leads. Having said that, LinkedIn can be a great resource for enterprises to acquire more and better leads for their business. 

So in this blog, we will explore the seven best practices that will help you discover leads for your business with LinkedIn. Let us begin! 

Why LinkedIn is an Ideal Platform to Generate Leads? 

Over the years, LinkedIn has proven itself to be the number one platform for generating leads for B2B businesses. In the Australian region, there are over 11.21 million LinkedIn users, of which 43.5% are millennials aged between 25-34 years. 

Other than that, nearly 50 million businesses have LinkedIn profiles globally. All these stats suggest that a significant amount of people are present on LinkedIn who can be directly targeted to generate leads for your business. In fact, over 59% of digital marketers say that most of their business leads come from LinkedIn. 

Hence, LinkedIn is a great place to run your marketing strategy and drive leads and sales for your business. 

7 Easy Practices to Follow to Get Leads on LinkedIn


Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile to make it look appealing to prospective clients is the first thing you should do. An attractive profile can be highly advantageous for your business, as more people love to invest in a business that looks and stays up-to-date. 

Here are some of the tips that you can consider: 

1. Introduce your business simply and effectively in your bio. Be precise and honest about your business goals and vision.

2. Add trending keywords from your niche in your personal profile description.

3. Pin down your best-performing posts on your profile.

4. Include your business partners and renowned clients on your profile.


Publish Informative and Useful Content Regularly

One of the best ways to make people notice your business is to post on your page regularly. Businesses that post at least twice a week witness a double increase in their customer-engagement rate. 

However, it is crucial that the content you post is related to your industry and is informative and useful for the viewers. Generally, posts with images and videos are more likely to get higher user attention. 


DM Your Primary Target Clients

LinkedIn offers a feature known as Message Ads (earlier known as Sponsored InMail) that lets you advertise your business, directly to your target audiences. This feature enables you to directly message your prospect’s LinkedIn inbox instead of coming into their newsfeed. 

There are multiple benefits of leveraging this method, such as: 

1. You get to have a one-to-one conversation with your prospect.

2. You can directly send your ad to interested clients.

3. You can attach a generated LinkedIn leads form with your message.

4. It offers higher engagement as most people open message ads.

Note that you only send message ads to people you think might be interested in your product. Also, do not over-spam their inbox, which may lead to a bad reputation for your brand. 


Reach Out to Relevant Audiences and Decision Makers

A significant benefit of leveraging LinkedIn for your brand promotion is that you can direct your message to relevant audiences interested in your business field. Such people are more likely to take action from your ad and become your potential customers. 

Apart from it, you can also utilize the retargeting feature, which allows you to target people who have shown interest in your products in the past by viewing a video, registering for an event, or visiting your website. 

Also, when posting an ad, do not forget to include people that hold key positions in companies, such as the HR, sales, director, or managing director, that can benefit your company. 


Join Groups that Consist of Your Prospective Clients

One of the easiest and quickest ways to find quality prospects for your business is to join relevant groups associated with your industry. You may have to research and find groups that are related to your industry and are active on the platform. 

Here are a few ways how to go about it: 

1. Look out for groups that have a decent number of audiences so that you can derive results.

2. The groups you join must have active members who regularly post content, converse, and share insights.

3. Make sure to join a group that allows your brand promotions, as many of the groups have a strict no-promotion policy.


Use Email Marketing for Your LinkedIn Connections List

An efficient way of reaching out to businesses through the official channel is by creating a LinkedIn connections list. Research and extract email addresses of businesses from LinkedIn that may be interested in your business. 

Build a list and email the prospects weekly via email systems like A Weber, MailChimp, and other email marketing software. 


Leverage Sponsored Content to Get Leads

LinkedIn offers a Sponsored Content feature that allows you to post paid ads that directly show up in your target’s market feeds. You can build images, carousel ads, or video ads and tag people based on attributes like their industry, job title, education, company, professional & personal interests, and more. 

However, remember to include a lead generation form with your advertisement that ensures you get an enhanced conversion rate from your ads. Following are the tips on how to build an effective lead generation form: 

1. Use bold images, videos, and messages.

2. Provide a strong offer.

3. Keep your questions short and precise.

4. Follow up with leads swiftly.

5. Regularly refresh your form’s copy.

6. Analyse the results of your forms.

Ready to LinkedIn lead generation

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to discover new and quality generate LinkedIn leads  for your business. If you follow the above-given practices correctly, you will surely progress your business with swift growth. In case, you wish to power your social media campaigns for the desired results, you can get in touch with our experts and get a free quotation for your requirements.

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