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The topmost Google Ads management agency in Melbourne enhances your brand awareness and seamlessly converts more leads into sales.

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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a digital advertising platform that can be leveraged to display ads for your business, consisting of product listings and service offerings. Google Ads are based on a cost-per-click method in which you pay a certain amount to Google when a searcher clicks on your ad to visit your website.


Google ads offer a significant way of drawing new visitors to your website, increasing leads and sales, and enabling procedures to attract the right prospects for your business.

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Here at 10X Digital Google Ads Agency Melbourne, we have experts that analyse your business thoroughly to identify the right keywords for your business search and devise efficient Google Ad campaigns to enhance your brand visibility and drive higher lead conversions.

Are Google Ads Worth Investing On?

Google Ads are among the best and most utilised methods for PPC ad campaigns due to their ability to yield higher ROI. Google Ads can tap your potential target customers, get results more swiftly and productively, and make your business website appear at the top of search results.

200% Average Google Ads Return
The average Google Ad return is 200% which means double the value of your investment.
80% Businesses Prefer Using Google Ads
Google Ads have high prominence and are leveraged by over 80% of online businesses in Australia.
12% CTR with Google Advertisements
On average, businesses achieve over 11.38% click-through rate with Google ads.
75% Higher Search Efficiency with Google Ads
75% of people utilise and agree to find the best answer to their queries on Google Ads.

Our Google Ads Management Process

We have a team of top-shelf Google experts who understand the intricacies of PPC advertising and can devise a functional marketing roadmap for your Google Ad campaign to drive optimal outcomes.

Research and Analysation
We start by analysing and learning about your business niche. The focus is on what are the target audience, who are your competitors, and what is the lifetime value of your consumers.
Comprehensive Profile Analysis
Our 10X Digital Group Google Ads Agency Melbourne then examine your business profile and current standings in the market. Further, we dig deep into your historical business data to generate key insights and valuable trends.
Strategising the Campaign
All the researched data is then utilised to create an effective Google Ads Campaign. Our strategies and methods consist of actionable plans that acquire quick results for your business.
Testing and Maintenance
To achieve the finest outcomes from your Google Ads, we leverage A/B testing methods and determine which ads work the best. Accordingly, we optimise the campaign to deliver the most from the Google Ads.

Google Ads Services Offered by 10X Digital Group

Choose from a wide range of services for your Google Ad campaign

Keyword Management
Our team of Google experts identifies the most relevant keywords for your business niche that will help searchers to find exactly what you offer and get better ROI.
Search Advertisements
Drive maximum benefit with paid Google Ad searches using effective search engine marketing techniques and scale up the sales for your business.
Video Advertisements
Establish high engagement with your customers by utilising video ads that we design using state-of-the-art methods and generate potential business leads.
Target customers that have already visited your website once with efficient remarketing procedures and provide them with the right access to shop from your site.
Google Shopping Ads
Make your online retail marketing business prominent with Google Shopping ads that display your inventory right on the Google search page.
Display Advertisements
Let our Google Ads Agency Melbourne display your products and services on prominent blogs and websites to derive higher business leads.

A Glance at Our Google Ads Success Stories

Here are a few businesses that leveraged our refined Google Ads services and obtained extraordinary business results from the established campaigns.

Why Partner with 10X Digital Group for Google Ads?

Choosing our leading 10X Digital Google Ads Agency Melbourne offers various competitive advantages and ensures you always stay at the top of the Google results.

Mastery in All Business Niches
Our 10X Digital Group has worked with all sorts of business verticals, from home services to professional services to the eCommerce segment and understands the route to build the right Google Ads strategy for your business needs.
Expertise in Google Ad Management
We have provided Google ads services for hundreds of business clients, which gives us the confidence to generate impactful results from Google Ad Campaigns and derive a better return on investments for our clients.
Consistent and Effective Google Ad Planning
Our 10X Digital Google Ads Agency Melbourne is leading in Google Advertising due to our highly stable and efficacious Google Ad Campaigns that derive consistent results even after months and years from the initial setup.
Tracking the Competition
Our expert Google teams constantly track conversion rates and find gaps in the process to ensure we optimise the campaign with the best and most innovative strategies and methods that help us stay ahead of the competition.

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