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Running a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. There are multiple complications when it comes down to the success of your business. These complexities increase with the number of online marketing platforms and the competition. All of this demands the need for powerful marketing methods.

Though offline marketing methods like hoardings, pamphlets, and newspaper ads are relevant, they are not as good as online marketing. Online ads or Google PPC campaigns are the first things that come to mind while considering going online.

Now, Google Ads are of various types, and all of them are relevant in different scenarios. You must learn how to use them effectively to put your business on top. Let’s read this article and uncover the power of a Google advertising campaign in building your business.


What are Google Ads?

Though it may seem a bit harsh, the ads you see on the top of Google SERPs are paid. It means that the keyword backing the ad is purchased by an entity via the highest bid.

Google Ads is a marketplace where you, and any other business owner, can purchase the ad by bidding on the preferred keywords.

Why keywords? The working of Google Ads is similar to other Google searches, except for the fact that Google’s algorithm gives relevance to big brand names. These brand names are also filtered based on a number of factors, such as relevance, trust, and size.

In short, there is no role for SEO. It is a paid service. Every time a customer clicks on the ad, Google charges the business. When you opt for a PPC campaign, you get various other features via which you can monitor numerous KPIs. You can measure the success of your Google ad campaign by ad impressions, click-through rate, etc.


How can Google Ads Put Your Business on the Track to Success?

OK, so now you know about Google Ads campaigns. Being a business owner, you might be super thrilled to try it. But, to ensure that you do the best, it is necessary to formulate and execute the best ROI strategies.

These strategies ensure that you get the best out of your Ads. The implementation of these strategies includes

  • Intensive Keyword Research: Intensive keyword research is carried out to filter out the best keywords for your Google PPC.
  • Targeting the emotional side: Add elements and texts that target the emotional side of the customer for better conversions.
  • Keep the ads simple: Make sure that your ads are simple and easy to skim. On top of that, add relevant keywords and minimum abbreviations.
  • Automate high-performing ads: Perform an analysis of ads and find out which of them are high performing. Once done, automate the ads, and Google smart bidding techniques will help you get maximum ROI.
  • Keep special offers in the eyes of the customer: Keep the major keywords and special offers in the heading of the ad. It will help garner more clicks.

Top Business Benefits

No matter if you have an electronics product business, e-commerce website, or whatnot, the PPC model can help you increase CTR and improve ROI. If you stick to the above-described strategies, you can definitely reap the following benefits.

1. Better Targeting

Effective Google Ads bidding strategies can help you target the right audience, and that too at the right time. With Google Ads, you can target users with ads at a specific time, on a specific device, and at a specific location. For this, you need to add bid modifiers to your Google Ads.

Here is an example to understand this! If you have a computer repair shop in Los Angeles, using the keyword “computer repair” will be super tough to compete against, as Los Angeles is a county. Even if you try for “computer repair Los Angeles”, it will be difficult.

However, if you go more local, like “computer repair Pasadena”, it will attract more clicks as it is a neighbourhood in Pasadena. People in that specific neighbourhood will run to your shop as it is close. Thus, Google Ads can help you reach potential customers faster.

2. Improve Brand Awareness

This point directly relates to the previous one. When you use Google Ads, you can skyrocket your brand awareness faster. As per stats, around 33% of advertisers use paid ads for brand awareness. If we take the example of Google Ads, the firm Purple saw an increase of 34.6% in brand consideration in using Google Ads on YouTube.

In short, Google Ads can simply boost brand awareness. However, you have to make double efforts for that. Make sure you formulate your brand message uniquely that aligns with the interest of maximum users of your business niche.

3. Faster Conversions

The third benefit of Google Ads is conversions. At the end of the day, every business aims for maximum benefits, which conform to more clicks and conversions. The job of Google Ads is to get customers to your website. Post that, it all depends on your website to convert the lead.

You need to ensure that the landing page of your website is super awesome. It has high-quality images, videos, and CTAs related to the product. Ensure that your website is responsive so that it fits well on every device.

The crux is to keep the customer engaged, no matter what. On top of all this, you can use the key conversion tool to monitor various metrics and know if your ads are effective.

Note: The average conversion rate on Google is 4.40% which may seem low, but it isn’t. If you are getting anywhere near this, you are successful in your Google ad campaigns.

4. Stay Ahead of your Competitors

Irrespective of the business niche, competition is high everywhere. When it comes to PPC campaigns, there are some great benefits of it.

For example, if you use Google PPC ads, you will only be charged if someone clicks on your ad. This helps you save money if your ad is not clicked. On top of that, as Google Ads are an inorganic way to market your business, you can bid higher on the valuable keywords to push your competition off the track.

You can bid on the keyword with your competitor’s name to stay on top. For example, you can bid on Apple’s laptop to get your laptop ad on top of Apple (however, Apple will ensure that it stays on the top). If you don’t want to do this, go for bidding on misspelled keywords, as they are usually low-cost but effective sometimes.

5. Better ROI

Bringing your business back on track means generating high returns as compared to the investment. While using Google Ads, your profit lies in the ROI. Therefore, make sure you are getting the maximum ROI against your investment.

ROI is the ratio of profit generated by sales and the cost of acquiring the customer. As everyone uses Google to get answers to their queries, Google Ads have the best chance of visibility. However, the visibility will be of no use if you are not building your ads properly.

If you build better ROI strategies and focus on ROI optimisation, your Google Ads campaign will surely flourish and garner more clicks and conversions. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind along with the following one!

  1. Use dynamic keyword insertion to auto-tune your ads.
  2. Remarket the ads based on the user data.
  3. Factor in the audience’s interest while designing your ads.
  4. Make use of Google Ads extensions.

These tips are sure-fire to boost your business ROI and bring it on track.


What are the types?

Google Ads are of various types, and all of them have their significance. When you are running your PPC campaign, choose the type of ad wisely. Here are some of the top ad types!

  1. Search ads: These ads look similar to the normal Google results with the difference of one word, ad. They appear on the top of the page, just above the organic results. These are the best way to market your business, as you can use Google ad extensions in it to add addresses, locations, and even phone numbers.
  2. Video ads: Video has a reach of around 93% worldwide. Therefore, these ads can be the best way to engage your audience. Google video ads flash before or in between the videos on YouTube.
  3. Shopping ads: Shopping ads are the best if you are a product-based business and use any of the e-commerce platforms for your business. These ads are ranked at the top of the Google SERPs. The difference is that they are in the form of a carousel and have images.
  4. Google display ads: These ads can be easily identified as they appear on various websites of Google. Though they are not, these ads seem to be fake as they redirect to a new website. Sometimes these websites can be harmful. However, if your business is genuine, it can garner maximum sales for you.


PPC campaigns are modern-day pamphlets. The only difference is that you are required to make and publish them online. As every user today jumps to Google to get what they want, Ads are the best way to catch their attention and convert them into a customer.

If you are up for taking your business to new heights, you need professional help with Google Ads, and 10x Digital Group can provide you with that. We are professionals in the overall undertaking of a PPC campaign. So, get a quote today!