Why Choose Android For Your Mobile App Development Project In 2023

Contents 1 Market Share and User Base 2 Open-Source Nature and Customisability 3 Developer-Friendly Environment 4 Compatibility and Device Fragmentation 5 Google Play Store and Monetisation Opportunities Develop mobile apps In terms of app availability, user engagement, and income, the Android operating system has consistently surpassed the iOS app market over the course of several […]

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Google Bard

Impact of Google’s Bard Chatbot Features on SEO

Contents 1 Latest Google Bard Updates 2 Features of Google Bard 3 Impact on SEO 4 Conclusion Google Bard has consistently proven itself as a leader in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. With its most recent improvements, Bard is elevating online search by introducing cutting-edge technologies that improve user experience and deliver more thorough […]

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How to Decide the Technology Stack for Your New Website?

Contents 1 What is a Technology Stack? 2 Some of the Most Influential Tech Stacks! 3 How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your Website? 4 Conclusion   A website is the prime asset of a business. Hence, it is critical for businesses to invest in their development with the best practices and technologies. […]

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google ads management

How can Google Ads Put Your Business on the Track to Success?

Contents 1 What are Google Ads? 2 How can Google Ads Put Your Business on the Track to Success? 3 Top Business Benefits of Google Ads! 4 What are the types of Google Ads? 5 Conclusion Running a business is not a sprint but a marathon. There are multiple complications when it comes down to […]

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Website Redesign & Migration: Expert’s Step-by-Step Guide

Contents 1 Understanding Website Migration and its Impact on SEO 2 How to Progress Smoothly from an Old to New Website Design? 3 Website Redesign Process Plan and Steps 3.1 Overview of the Current Website Design and Expectations from the New 3.2 Set the objectives you wish to achieve with the new design 3.3 Work […]

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social media content strategy

How to Build Social Media Content Strategy to Gain More Customers

Contents 1. Goal Setting Exercises 2. Know Your Audience and Competition 3. Social Media Accounts Optimisation 4. Social Media Content Planner 5. Create a Content Calendar 6. Keep Posting and Keep Tracking   How to Build Social Media Content Strategy to Gain More Customers Taking your business to customers through social media platforms is a […]

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7 Steps to Refine Your SEO Strategy for Better Results

Contents 1. Start with an SEO Audit of Your Website 2. Align Your Website’s On-Page & Off-Page SEO with Google Algorithm 3. Focus More on User Experience 4. Reoptimise Your Existing Website Pages 5. Discover New SEO Opportunities & Design Website Accordingly 6. Keep Your SEO Objectives Clear and Focused 7. Partner with a Reliable […]

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10 SEO Trends to Leverage in 2023 for Increased Website Traffic

Contents 1. Focus on Audience Targeted Content Rather than the Traffic 2. Make Your Website Visually Informative and Appealing 3. Keep Your Content Synched with Google’s New Features 4. Pay Higher Attention to the Author’s Authority 5. Pioneer in Featured Snippets for the Best Traffic Results 6. Understand the new ‘E’ in E.E.A.T. 7. Your […]

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